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2L bottle, tall can, and regular can of Growers cider with strawberry and rhubarb

Nutritional Facts & FAQ

Most popular questions

Are you gluten Free?

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Where are your apples from?

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Are you able to provide nutritional information?

On our core products, we don’t test for nutritional information. However, new Light and Spritz lines have very clear nutritional info on the products.

Our Light cans are 4g of sugar, 110 calories and have a similar fruit forward flavour profile to our core products.

Our Spritz cans are a fresh take on our original products, offering a more refreshing flavour profile. Our 473ml cans are 1g of sugar and 130 calories and our 355ml cans are 1g of sugar and 90 calories.

Where can I find 330ml bottles, mixer packs and cans?

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Why are you in 5% alcohol in cans and 7% alcohol in bottles?

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Why did you move to cans?

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