Keeping You Refreshed Since 1922

Our Refreshments

We believe great refreshments means using natural fruit flavours with apples grown in local orchards. We aim to create energetic refreshment experiences and are proud to bring new exciting flavours to Canadians every single year.

In 1922, five fruit growers started a fruit packing plant. With ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit, they created berry wine, and Growers was born.

Our Roots

In 1922, in the town of Saanichton, British Columbia, five fruit packers decided they wanted to do something bigger. With their ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit, they began looking to find an additional market for berries, and soon after explored production of berry wine. The first wines ever created were made with loganberries and blackberries. Their berry wines soon began gaining popularity and in 1936, they began to expand into brandy and wine. It wasn’t until 1962 that their first cider was produced and they began to dominate the Canadian cider market. As Canada’s original cider brand, we still hold the same innovation and spirit in each sip. As the market has evolved, so has our brand, now showcasing refreshing fruit flavours in various formats and three distinct tiers: core, spritz and light.
View of Growers Wine Company building and surrounding land, 1960s
Older Growers packaging, 1969
Growers main production facility in Saanich, 1927

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